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E S C H A R    M A L I E R - ( Atelier Ayesha )

Anonymous asked: "since hina will probably join cygnus in season 2 do you think there's a possibility that hina will become aoba's new buddy? because her matching with aoba was higher than dio in episode 13 (if i remember correctly though). and they choose hina instead of dio for a better choice?, aahhh i just got the feeling that dio will got left behind in s2 since aoba has hina now;;"





Yes, I think so too.

Hina synchronized better with Aoba. Above 100%, I believe.  And considering the Alliance’s lack of trained, skilled, and matched couplers, I think the chances of them using Hina as an asset rather throwing her in the slammer for being an enemy soldier is pretty high. Aoba will probably be ecstatic about it OF COURSE but Dio will have some problems with this arrangement. He literally cannot couple with anyone else other than Aoba anymore and he doesn’t really trust Hina all that much. BUT THEN AGAIN, Dio’s a class-A Tsundere who would rather bottle up his own feelings until he implodes than swallow his pride and admit that he needs Aoba. SO YOU CAN EXPECT A LOT DRAMA AND HEARTBREAK THERE. Prepare for the tidal wave of HURT. 

Gods, that’d be like the whole thing with Fromm again, but worse. @__@ Really hope that somewhere through that thick skull of his that Aoba remembers Dio needs him.

Yeah, I really hope so too! But Aoba tends to have tunnel-vision when things concern Hina. I bet on the first episode, Hina will find herself imprisoned (because she is an enemy soldier afterall) and Aoba will immediately rally to her defense. Dio and Aoba will have a huge fight over it then something big will happen (most probably Bizon’s army attacking the Cygnus with full intention of killing Aoba) and Gengo will have no choice but to order Hina’s release so she can couple with Aoba. AND THEN EVERYBODY WILL REALIZE THAT HINA AND AOBA’S EMPHATIER LEVELS ARE HIGHER THAN WITH DIO AND THEY WILL HAVE TO ACCEPT HINA INTO THEIR CREW AND AOBA WILL BE ALL LIKE [YAY! HINA! YOU’RE WITH THE GOOD GUYS NOW! YAY!] AND DIO WILL BE PUSHED ASIDE TO ANGST OVER THINGS…internally, of course, because the blonde Tsundere does not do open-talk of emotions. 

ASDFGHJKLL….(TT^TT) I can’t do this anymore..(TT^TT)

you guys need to stop, it makes me cry T.T

I still hope Dio will remain Aoba’s buddy, because well, he can’t be buddy with anyone but Aoba, soooo he would be totally left behind and well the whole buddy complex thing would kinda be no longer buddy but lover soo…

but anyway I have a bad feeling <it’s sunrise> that somebody’s is going to die and it would be either Dio or Hina… I think Aoba will stay alive, cause, well Haruto kinda died in Valvrave so they won’t repeat it

I unfortunately think that Dio will want to sacrifice himself so Hina and Aoba will be able to peacefully live together


Track Title: Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale)

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Album: Shatter Me

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You are the blood of the dragon. Dragons plant no trees. Remember that. Remember who you are, what you were made to be. Remember your words.

Track Title: White lies

Artist: Mito

Album: しのぶタイム(上)


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OP Song - white lies





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Anonymous asked: "You should make another Dio edit haha"

I will!

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